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2021 Adelaide Open Jiu Jitsu Comp

So on the weekend just gone we had a team of 12 athletes head to Adelaide and compete in the AGC Adelaide Open Jiu Jitsu Tournament. It was this comp last year when covid started turning our year upside down, fingers crossed that doesn't happen again.

So our first competition in 12 months, as a coach I didn't promote the event due to the uncertainty surrounding border closures etc, so I was pleasantly surprised when we had 12 people register for the event. Those people who attended were Bodey, Kate, Joe, Brendan, Jorja, Nacinta, Jaida, Soane, Will, Louis, Hamish & Cohen.

The day was loonnnnnggggg for us coaches haha, our first match was scheduled to start at 9.08am and our last match we cornered was 4.30pm while they were rolling up mats around us haha. It really is a tough day as a coach at these comps.

Of the fighters we brought home 21 medals which was outstanding. There was some extraordinary efforts put in on the day. Kate was only doing her second ever comp, there was no one in the Teen division so we asked for her to put into Adults. All her opponents were ranked higher than her, but she fought extremely well and grabbed gold in her No Gi and really should've grabbed at least silver in her Gi division but injury & exhaustion played it's part in the end.

Nacinta was in a similar boat to Kate, no one in her kids div in No Gi so we asked for her to go up to Adults. Even though Cini is an experienced competitor it is always daunting going against adults, but she dominated for 3 Golds.

Brendan went in every division he possibly could have lol, his very first Comp, had 17 fights for the day, the first and last fights of the day lol, I think he ended up with a Silver & Bronze. If he had of just done his weight div in both Gi & No Gi I am sure he would've grabbed double Gold. Amazing effort.

Joe, Ol Benjamin Button had no Old farts available to fight so they put him down with the 30yr old div, he killed it. A few Subs, a points win, unbelievable effort.

Bodey had a frustrating day, he wanted more fights but we couldn't get any unfortunately. He went up 3 weight classes and had 2 fights in the Gi for two dominant wins, and what was most pleasing is that he used all his new techniques he had been working on over the last month to secure those victories.

Our kids did amazing, Jaida & Soane had each other plus another two kids in there divisions and got Gold and Silver in both Gi & No Gi. Jorja had a walkover in her No Gi and then went up 2 weight divs and against a boy in her Gi Div and put on some really tough fights but lost in the end.

Will, Louis, Hamish & Cohen all had much more experienced opponents to fight all day but they never gave up, they had fun and gave it there all and that is all we can ask for. Some parents at the comp(not Ours) really put way to much expectations on these young kids, if these kids grow up to become Black Belt World Champions do you think anyone will remember how they did at a local Adelaide comp as a kid? It's about gaining experience, enjoying your Jiu Jitsu. I have never once asked my own kids to cut weight for a comp, I tell them if they want to cut weight when they are 18 that's there choice...but while I'm in charge I want you competing full of energy, happy to be there, and I would really encourage all our parents to adopt the same attitude. Special mention to young Cohen, he has only been training about 2 months and jumped in to compete, so good to see.

I want to thank all the parents for committing and taking your kids to compete, trust me I know it's not cheap, I know it's not easy at times, but you are making a huge difference in their lives for the better. And our club wouldn't be who we are without you guys.

I also want to thank my brotha George, you made my life soooooo much easier having you to help me corner these guys & girls. Having someone help you from the sidelines can add so much to your game if you can listen, and someone with Coach Georges experience is invaluable.

No matter what the comp, we will always do our very best to make sure we have a coach to corner you if possible, we have experienced what it's like to have no one and that's why we are passionate about being there for you all.

The next big Comp for us to focus on is the Vic State Titles in May, if you or your kids are interested in competing please let me know so we can put you on the correct path for that. If you think an information night or something of the like would be beneficial we could do that also.

Thank you all.

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