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So a few months back I started doing some research/self paced training on Aboriginal Culture and the struggles they have in society. It is something I try and do with a variety of subjects that present themselves to me at the gym. One example of that is teaching kids with Autism, I was amazed at the things I learnt doing self paced training on that and it gives you a whole different perceptive on what and how you do things.

This experience has been slightly different, and the reason I say that is I have been reading a tonne about everything that has happened over the years since the Colonisation of Australia and how it has affected everyone but I still wasn't quite understanding the level of trauma involved for our First Nations people, and I was thinking to myself what am I missing here?

Then last week I was running a morning Bootcamp with a couple of ladies who were chatting a lot about a heap of different things and then they both got on the subject of their childhoods etc. These ladies were Aboriginal and excuse my French but the shit they had been through and come out the other side was nothing short of amazing. I won't mention names but I just listened for probably 40 minutes to these women speak and I learnt more in that 40 minutes than everything I had been trying to learn online. I finally understood what Generational Trauma meant. Trust me when I say, you think you know but you don't. I finally had a proper understanding of what white privilege meant.

What people need to understand is these aren't derogatory terms aimed at white people, these are just facts that we as white people didn't have to deal with on a daily basis. Sure some white people would have had the same experiences minus the skin colour bias, but not to the level of how many Aboriginal people did. This isn't a white v black scenario, it's an us scenario that we need to improve together.

I started working with MDAS last week with our gym, with there youth department and hopefully trying to make a difference in some of these kids lives. After 3 classes I would already say it's probably one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life so far. When you can see the look in their eye change to somewhat trust you, it's an amazing feeling.

So I want to say this to everyone, please listen to people, hear their stories. Don't think you know everything, because trust me you don't. All kids need to have an opportunity at the best future, some just need more help and guidance and I I can provide that through our Gym well I'll be extremely grateful for the opportunity.

Be safe, Be open and Be compassionate people, life is too short.

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