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Another Set Back

So we have been dealt another blow with the Government rescinding its plan for Adults to resume full contact training on July 13th. It was extremely frustrating to hear initially, but then I put things into perspective and realised we are still pretty lucky.

We are lucky because a huge chunk of Victoria is in Stage 3 Lock down again, and we all know too well what that means. We are not in that Lock down our kids can still train, as Adults we still have many options open to us that others don't. I am sure people in Melbourne would love the opportunity to do a Boot Camp, do Solo Drills, take there kids to classes etc.

We need to make the best out of this situation we have, we still have options available. To be honest I have been surprised by the lack of Adults that used to do our Jiu Jitsu classes but haven't done online classes, or Solo Drills or Boot Camps. While it may not be ideal or your preferred method of me I know all about that haha, it is so important for your health and mental health to keep active, stay involved. Our Boot Camps only run for 30 minutes roughly and you get what you want out of them.

This is another reason I decided to keep doing Solo Drills in the gym instead of going back to online training. While it feels a bit strange at times to do solo drills, I think the importance of being with other people, your team mates, far out weigh the strangeness lol. It's not only about Jiu Jitsu, its about socialising with people. Its about mental stimulation for your Mental Health.

There is no right or wrong way to get through these times, we just need to do our best. Please if you ever need to talk to anyone hit me up, my ear is always here. I'm here for you guys and girls for anything.

Take care and I shall see you soon x

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