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So we have almost hit the halfway mark of our latest lock down. How has it been going for you guys?

For myself its been up and down.

Its always interesting and challenging at the same time to try and motivate people to continue to train online through something like this. I can already see the numbers dropping away, and much like the first lock down the same people being a constant.

This is why I would like to highlight a few people who have amazed and inspired myself so far in the latest Lock down.

On the Cardio Boot camp side of things, a couple of young ladies have been killing it. Kristin & Nat both joined our gym after the first lock down when we started Boot Camps as our only way of starting training again. And to be honest it looked like they both were there under sufferance hahaha. Now skip forward about 2 months, Kristin hasn't missed an online Boot Camp and I think Nat has only missed one. This to me is inspiring, well done ladies you should be extremely proud of yourselves, when these easier option when you get home is to just chill on the couch.

Also Jemma, Jemma joined our Boot camps when we added a class to coincide with the Little Sharks Jiu Jitsu class. Since Online has been happening I don't think she has missed many classes, cant say the same for her husband hahahahaha. Just joking, well done Jemma, to be a Mum of 3 and doing your own online school teaching plus home schooling your own kids.....amazing.

On a Jiu Jitsu front, well what can I say, nothing has really changed between first lock down and second. The constant online presence has been the Andriolas Family who I don't think have missed a class this lock down or maybe missed one kids class. The Whelan family who haven't missed a class as yet and I'd be surprised if they do haha. But the one new person is young Kingston in our kids class, he hasn't missed a kids online class yet. Kingston doesn't have a brother or sister his size he can train with so it has been swapped between his Mum & Dad. This as a parent and coach, is also super inspiring. I couldn't be prouder of you all.

Last week we were lucky enough to have Professor Thiago Stefanutti and Cooper Burnham take our Thursday night Zoom class, and it was fantastic. Can not thank those guys enough for giving us all something else to look at and listen to apart from me.

Remember all, this is a super hard time for us all for a myriad of different reasons. But one thing is for certain, exercise is good for you. Don't try to be the best, just try to be better than yesterday.

Get involved guys & girls.

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