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Choosing the right gym can be hard.

He legends

Me again, this time I'd like to discuss the difficult task of how to choose the right gym for you.

This can be extremely daunting, everyone is offering so much stuff and to be honest with you's mostly bullshit lol. I see so many posts where gyms are offering World Class Trainers or that they have learnt from the best or there mate learnt from the best and the list goes on haha.

Number one on my bullshit alarm is how do you know you are a World Class Trainer/teacher? Is there a competition for that?? Last time i checked i couldn't find one lol. Because you know famous people who train, does that make you a better teacher? I know many World Class Jiu Jitsu Athletes and it makes absolutely no difference to the way I teach or train.

If we are talking coaches that have done it on the World Stage, I would imagine we would have the most qualified teacher in Mildura in Coach George. He has medalled in multiple IBJJF Worlds, Multiple time National Champion, competed in Abu Dhabi and Japan. All of these legit, not made up Titles, but does that make him the best teacher? Well we are lucky as he is a great teacher haha, but those comps doesn't make him the teacher he is. What makes him a great coach is his character, his work ethic, his personality, his ability to break down a technique for people to understand...all of these things make him a great coach

We are also the only gym to have a Pro Fighter teaching our striking fighters, does that make a difference? Maybe.

Sure all of these things would help, but being a great competitor doesn't automatically translate into being a great coach. Probably the most famous Jiu Jitsu coach at the moment is John Danaher, he has never competed in his life.

Gyms can be strange places to find your right home, that you belong. Many have ego's, many have l clicks that unless you're in you never feel at ease. Martial Arts Gyms can be the worst, some will try and control what you can and can't do outside of the gym, where you train etc. It's wrong, you pay to train and that's where it should stop. If you want to cross train, go your hardest, you should learn from multiple styles. Weight/fitness gyms can be filled with testosterone riddled people lol.

My go to is always my gut, I can feel when something feels right or wrong in my gut. If you walk into a gym and it doesn't feel right...don't sign up would be my suggestion. There is no rule saying you need to sign up to the first gym you visit, we have free trial classes as I'd imagine most would. Take your time, make sure everything feels right for you before making that choice.

I have been involved in good & bad gyms so I have seen both sides, but everyone has different needs so make your choice carefully and make sure YOU are happy, as you are the one that matters.

Cheers Coach.

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