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Comp Time

Man competition time is such a rush, even for myself who isn't competing. The anticipation, the nervous energy, it's like nothing else. I never used to get nervous at comps with my own kids, but since having all you legends as part of my family I am bloody terrible now haha. For you new guys & girls competing this weekend, here are a few things to keep in mind when you step out on those mats.

This is your first ever competition, you will have a massive Adrenalin dump in your first fight and probably feel like you are dying at some stage hahaha, you will get through it. My best advice to try and minimize this is to warm up properly, get a little sweat on before you fight for the first time.

No one is expecting you to win this comp, it is probably the biggest comp for the year, maybe Australian Titles or Pan Pac's may be bigger, but this one is huge. You may be competing against someone who has been on the same belt as you for 5 years, who knows. It's your first comp, take the underdog status in with you, no one wants to lose to the first timer. Give it 110% and you may just surprise yourself.

As a coach I couldn't be prouder of all of you for stepping up and having a crack, it takes real guts. And while this is great, you are representing our club etc, this is all about you. You have made the commitment, you have put it on the line and you are out there doing it. This isn't about myself, or Coach George or Bodey, we get a thrill just seeing you guys & girls improve, we just want to to go out there and give your absolute best.

I will never be one of those guys who tell his students they must compete, it's not in my DNA. Competing is 100% up to the individual, everyone is in Jiu Jitsu for different reasons, and a lot of them have no interest in competing. I want people to be the best version of themselves, if that is being a competitor great, if it's being a lifer that's also great. The so called best coach in the World today, Professor John Danaher has never competed in his life.

I really hope you guys bring home some silverware as I believe you deserve it, and getting the Title of Victorian State Champion is pretty cool. But more than that, I wan't you guys to get out there and give everything you have for you, don't leave anything on the mat. Don't walk off that mat and think "I could have done more", walk off knowing Win or Lose that you gave everything you had and that was either good enough or not quiet good enough this time.

I am so Proud of you all, thank you Coach.

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