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Don't lose hope.

So its a rainy day, what better way to spend it writing a new blog for you legends.

This year has taught me so much about myself, about others and about life in general. I don't profess to being intelligent so as always take what I say at face value, if it is beneficial to you run with it, if not it doesn't hurt anyone.

The first lock down of 2020 really caused my anxiety issues to escalate, it was hard controlling it. I was out of rhythm with life. I couldn't train properly, my schedule was completely different and I really was amazed how much that effected me. I am sure some of you were in the same boat.

This second Lock down has gone much better for myself, as I think I learnt a lot last time. I have had to be more in tune with my body, with my mind and more focused on doing what I need to get done. Not giving myself lazy days (or not as many lol). I have been much stricter on myself with my own training, which in turn has helped my focus on everything else.

Sometimes we can get caught up in all the bad and negative aspects of what the world has to offer. In a time like this, with Social Media Platforms, News platforms etc all wanting to promote worse case scenarios or scare really is easy to fall into that and live it. I have people all the time showing me what other people are doing when they shouldn't be etc, and all I can say is that's up to them, two wrongs don't make a right. I am a huge believer in Karma, it has a way of sorting these things out.

I used to spend way to much time worrying about others, what they thought etc, but you can't do that and live a healthy life. The people around you are the ones that matter, be true to yourself, don't try to be the best at everything just try to be the best version of you. If you spend your life trying to impress others you will miss out on the ones that really matter and don't need to be impressed. Enjoy your family, friends and life as one thing is for sure, we don't know how long we will be here for.

Stay positive legends, keep training and enjoy life.

Cheers Coach

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Luke Burnham
Luke Burnham
07. Okt. 2020

Thank you mate ❤

Gefällt mir

Mitch Rodd
Mitch Rodd
07. Okt. 2020

Love your work coach!

Gefällt mir
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