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Feb Fitness Challenge done & dusted

So last night our first ever fitness challenge came to an end. At the start of Feb we did a 6 exercise program to get everyone's Personal Bests on those exercises. So for every cardio session we had for Feb we included those 6 exercises as part of the class.

To see everyone's improvement was mind blowing to be honest. I'd like to give a few honourable mentions to people who did a great job but didn't quite get the win. First off would be my wife Jenelle, she has a competitive streak like no one else lol, and being ineligible to win she wasn't happy about but she smashed her numbers.

Di Bertoli came back in Feb for the challenge and did an amazing job, beating all her numbers by a convincing amount, well done Di.

But there can be only one winner and that was Grace Hornstra, this woman absolutely smashed her numbers last night. Grace hadn't trained since the first lock-down last year and was searching for motivation to get back into it, and this challenge provided it. Grace pushed herself so hard last night, it was amazing to watch. Not only this but she also got back on the mats for a few Jits classes which was awesome to see also. So Grace won a 3 month Membership with is for her efforts.

We may look at doing a similar challenge next month, no big prize though, just a T/Shirt or something but the opportunity to see how much you can improve yourself over a month.

Thank you to everyone who participated and again congrats Grace.

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