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Mental Health

Hey Guys

With all the craziness that is going on in the World right now I thought it would be a good time to chat about Mental Health a little. Now I am no expert at all on Mental Health, this is just my opinion on a subject that is very close to my heart.

With everything going on around us at the minute, the Border Closure which is making life extremely hard for some people, The Covid spike in Melbourne which has caused there second lock down in the space of months, these things can cause enormous amounts of issues for people.

I know from my perspective, I suffer bad anxiety, when all this Covid-19 pandemic started my mind was running at 1000 mph thinking up all the worst case scenarios that were going to happen to me, and it just wouldn't stop. These are times we need to be mindful of others, ask if someone is okay? Help each other out, it's not that hard really.

Also at times like these I find trying to keep a routine helps me, I can't train Jiu Jitsu as much as I would like due to restrictions and I find it really easy to be lazy and do nothing lol. I have to force myself, I cannot let myself slide down that slope, when I finish work in 25 minutes I'm going to do a shadow wrestling drill workout by myself. Exercise releases endorphins which stimulates you, I think i have said it a million times at the gym that training when you feel good is easy, training when you feel bad is harder but way more rewarding.

Also guys & girls please never think that you are alone in this, as I have said I am no expert, but my door or phone is always open for you. Message me, come see me, anything you like and if its above me I will do my best to get you on to the correct person.

I may even do a Mental Health Talk session if people would be interested in that? We have a few people at the gym that are trained in those areas and have offered their time before to help us out. And it won't be something that we sit and all look at you when you say something lol, we will sit, it will be an open discussion at times but you can also just listen, grab someone after the session and ask for time in private or direction for you to go in the future.

Anyway its just food for thought guys, let me know your thoughts.

That's it from me, stay safe, be considerate and most of all you are not alone.

Have a great weekend, Luke.

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