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Mind Power

Hey Legends

So this week I have really discovered that the mind really is a powerful thing. I have known this myself for quiet some time due to dealing with anxiety, something I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy.

But something a little different hit me this week when we added a different exercise to our Boot camp. It never crossed my mind the self doubt people have in their own minds about these things. I added a Bench Press, no weights, but a 20kg Olympic Bar. If you haven't lifted before, that is quiet heavy in itself. Not only that, on the same night I changed the amount of stations we did from 16 to 20, it added roughly 4 minutes to the total session.

If you could have seen peoples faces when I said 20 stations instead of 16....lets just say I'm glad it's illegal to carry guns here lol. People had convinced themselves already, before they started that it was going to be too hard.....Everyone smashed it.

The Bench Press was the biggest thing, I was hanging around there because I could see the self doubt in the ladies eyes when I said we were doing them. I would say 95% of the ladies in that class said to me when it was there time on the Press "I Can't do this". To which I said there is no such word as can't, it's all in your mind. Tell yourself you can do it and lets get it!!

Guess how many people failed to press that station? Absolutely No-One, not one person. From the smallest to biggest, everyone dominated it.

The mind is such a powerful thing, and it can convince you that you can or cannot do things, normally in the negative. You have to be courageous in your desire to control your mind. Set your goals and go grab them. I love my job and my gym for precisely this reason, I love seeing people conquer their fears and also achieve their dreams. I could have failed with this gym every day since I opened it if I listened to that voice in my head that tells me I can't do it.

As the Great Man Jon Bon Jovi once said "They say that to really free your body, You've got to free your mind.

My Job is done, I weaved Bon Jovi into my blog hahahaha.

Love Life All, we aren't here forever.


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