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Mixed Bag

Hey legends it just me again with another blog, it's a mixed bag today as I have a few things to spit out haha.

First up how is everyone coping with Lockdown 7.0? For me this one has been the hardest so far for some reason. I think maybe because when we unexpectedly got let out early last lockdown I thought "maybe" we wouldn't get included in future lockdowns unless we had cases. My struggle has been mentally, trying to get and be motivated, this week I will be forcing myself to train every day as my mental health needs does my waist line haha. I have been getting back into Yoga and meditation which I am really enjoying, what have you guys been. doing?

So Myself & Jenelle are both officially double vaccinated, I know I didn't post it on social media so it can't be true haha but it is. I had minor side affects, mainly tiredness, Nell on the other hand got pretty crook after her second jab, but all good now. Why did we do it? Mainly because we have a business and we wanted to protect ourselves and our members, but also we have elderly parents and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I gave them Covid. We aren't pro or anti Vax, we believe that is up to the individual. This was our choice.

It's sad what is going on in the World, so much division, so much hate. I got sucked into a social media argument today, a leader of the Anti Vax brigade in the States died of Covid at the age of 30, he had a wife with 3 kids and another on the way. I couldn't believe how many people were on there saying terrible things like "he got what he deserved" and worse. No matter this guys beliefs (and after reading up on him I didn't agree with really anything he said), he was a husband and a father....did he really deserve to die because he didn't have the same beliefs as you? The world has lost all compassion and empathy, it's really sad to be honest. I don't have the answers on Covid and Vaccines but surely we could have more empathy for each other.

This Wednesday morning at roughly 8.50am you can hear my dulcet tones on ABC Mildura/Swanhill radio. I will be on there talking about the gym being locked down etc, never been on radio or anything so hopefully I don't stuff it up haha. So tune in I guess and listen to me shit myself on air hahaha.

Lastly guys and girls I really want to encourage you to get involved with the Zoom classes that professor Shark does with special guests. So far he has had Roger Gracie, Rillion Gracie and Clark Gracie, this calibre of guests is unheard of. They talk all things Jiu Jitsu plus growing up in Brazil etc, I know the times don't suit everyone but try and get on one or two if you can. For me personally I could listen to these guys talk all day.

Some fun facts you may not know about Professor Tiago- He grew up with Roger Gracie. He beat Lachlan Giles 10-0 the only time that fought in competition at Black Belt. He wanted to be an MMA fighter when he first moved to Australia, but after taking a fight with a guy 10kgs heaver than him and submitting him in under 2 minutes he couldn't get another fight...legit no one would fight him lol. He got his Purple & Brown Belts of Rickson Gracie. That will do for now haha.

Legends stay safe, be happy and hit me up below with your favourite Movie of all Time. Mine would have to be Roadhouse I think.

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