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Owning and operating a gym, the one thing I have had to get used to is negative people. I have been extremely lucky in our gym that the majority of our members have the correct attitude when it comes to training and the reasons they train.

There is and will always be those few who question everything, who grades, why didn't I, this technique won't work etc etc etc. Trust me I have seen it many times and I just chuckle now. The same people also are the worst training partners because they won't let you drill, everything is forceful.

I was reading a post through the week from Lachy Giles about the grading's at his St.Kilda gym. It is not just about technique and classes attended with them, it is about being a good person, being a good team mate, being a regular trainer, being a good person. This is exactly how our gym is, except all those things I just figured were givens, but maybe I did need to point these things out also.

People get obsessed with class attendance logs, how many classes etc they attend and I can understand why if you have set yourself goals to achieve each month. But if its just so you are "entitled" to that stripe or belt promotion you are on the wrong track. I have said all along classes attended are only a guide for us to see if you are ready for that next level.

For arguments sake, I haven't been graded in over 14 months, I have done more classes than anyone in our gym. Guess how many times I have asked Professor Tiago about it? Zero, because It will happen whenever Tiago thinks I am ready. He isn't concerned about how many classes I have attended haha, and neither am I.

My point to this is just be a good person, be a good team mate. Have a positive impact on your training partners, on your family. Being negative about everything takes a lot of energy, and what do you get out of it? We spend a lot of time with our training partners so lets make that enjoyable time.

Jiu Jitsu is the best Martial Art in the World in my humble opinion, the intricacies are second to none. Let it take control and love everything about it for what it is, don't waste time being a negative


Thank you for your time legends, lets train hard this week.


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