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New Schedule

Hey Legends

Just me again, can you believe we are almost in December again and the big fat man in the red suit isn't far away.

So just a quick one today about our new schedule and to get you thoughts on it?

It is super hard doing a schedule to 1. keep everyone happy. 2 keep our coaches happy, and the list goes on, but I am super keen to listen to your feedback if you think we can improve it in anyway.

This schedule will be like this for December and then we will re-assess things for the 2021 schedule.

Why change you may ask? Well we may not, but this schedule was to see how popular some classes were and how popular some classes weren't lol. Before lock down we were thinking of dropping Cardio Kick Boxing because although everyone told me how much they loved it....they didn't turn up to it. Since we have been back at it, it has been quiet popular again until the last few weeks where it has dropped of a fair bit. This could be a scheduling issue, I shall keep an eye on that going forward.

2021 we would like to keep adding to our schedule with morning sessions plus much more, but these things take time. If you consider for a second, that when we started this gym 3 years ago, we had 2 Jiu Jitsu Session per week with 3 members plus the coach for the first 6 months lol. We now have 25 sessions per week, times have changed quiet a bit.

So guys & girls if you have any suggestions on how we could improve or anything my ears are always open. I may not implement if I don't agree but I'm always open to suggestions.

One last thing, we couldn't do a "normal" Xmas gathering BBQ this year due to gathering restrictions. Super frustrating but there isn't a way around it sorry. We will be back to normal next year hopefully lol, and we will do a big group BBQ early next year at some stage when Professor Tiago comes.

Please be safe in the upcoming festive season.

Cheers Coach.

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