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One week into lock down number 2

So we are officially one week into our second stage 3 lock down, how is it going for you?

This week we started our online program again via Zoom where we are offering something every night from Mon-Fri. What trend have I noticed so far? So I have noticed that the majority of our Jiu Jitsu students haven't been involved in any classes as yet, a lot of our Boot Camp regulars have been involved and a lot of parents and family members have been involved with their kids training etc.

This has been both good and bad. For our Jiu Jitsu students you need to get involved in something, if not online Jits classes because you don't have a partner or something, jump on the Boot Camps. This is not just about training, it about seeing familiar faces, socialising with people, keeping some sort or normal in your life in a time when normal isn't common. I say this as your friend not your coach, myself & Jiu Jitsu will always be here whenever we get back to some form of normal, I want you to be here also. Any form of exercise is great for your mental & physical health, lets get involved.

What I have loved seeing is parents being their kids training partners in our kids Jiu Jitsu classes, this is awesome. Some of us are lucky we have training partners living with us, I have Bodey & Kate, but when you don't it makes training difficult and for you parents or siblings to step up and fill the void is awesome.

Another great thing this lock down has been some new faces joining in our Zoom Boot camps, we had my son Coopers Girl friend Yumi from Japan join last night and my God Daughter from Melbourne also Joined. Guys please invite people in your households to join in if they would like at no charge, it is better for everyone to get some form of exercise than nothing at all and to be honest starting something from your own Lounge instead of being nervous going to a gym is a good thing.

This lock down will no doubt be tough, don't worry I have found it extremely hard to get motivated to do online classes again. If it wasn't for you guys I would just be on the couch lol. But we can all get through this together, get involved, don't take the easy option. If you can't do Jiu Jitsu do a Boot Camp and vise versa. If you have always wanted to try Jiu Jitsu but have been a little insecure about jumping on the mat, now is your time. We will be focusing on fundamentals this whole lock down so grab a partner and jump on.

Again a huge thank you for all your continued support, keeping your Memberships in a time like this means we have a gym to get back to once this is all done and you will never know how much that really means to me. If you have any issues, Mental, Psychical

, Financial please hit me up and I will do my best to help or find someone who can.

Stay safe legends, Coach.

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