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Recent Gradings

So this week we finally got back to the gym after Lockdown No.5 Due to Covid. It only ended up being just over two weeks of lockdown, but it came at the worse time for our gym.

This is our fifth year in operation and we have had Gradings in the past but all of those gradings had been for students that had started their Jiu Jitsu journey elsewhere. They were still special don't get me wrong, all Gradings are special, but this Grading we had coming up we had 4 students who had started their Jiu Jitsu journey at our gym and this was their first major Belt achievement.

This was huge in my eyes.

Ash was one of our first students, he started in our first introductory class we ran. So he has been training for just over four years I think and has finally reached his Blue Belt. Huge effort.

Aimee came in with her Boyfriend probably 12 months after Ash Started, Kyle had been asking Aimee to try it for a while. So she did, didn't seem real keen on it but kept coming and now we can't keep her out of the gym.

George & Paris are husband and wife as most of you know, they brought their youngest child in to train as their daughters did dance across the road from our gym. It wasn't long before one daughter quit dance to do Jiu Jitsu, then dad started and finally we got Mum on the matts also. For a husband and wife to both train and get to the Blue Belt level is an amazing effort.

Watching these guys do their technical tests, Along with Joe & Stephen, it was fantastic to see the influence we have had on their Jiu Jitsu. And it can be a whole technique or as little as a minor detail that they are using, it just makes me smile.

But let me tell you one thing that makes me smile even more, and be more proud of, then these belt promotions...The fact most of these guys train with their families.

Ash has his son Matty and his two Daughters Bella & Lizzy train with us.

Joe Has his son Toby Train with us.

George & Paris have their Daughter Jorja and son Illias train with us.

Stephen is working on his son hahaha and Aimee and Kyle don't have kids yet.

Parents being involved with their kids training is priceless, to be involved, to share a bond, to have a common interest. I am lucky enough to do this with both of my boys and it has made us more than father and sons, it has made us best mates. We always have something to talk about that is a common interest for us both. I can't implore you parents enough to really get out of your comfort zones and give this a go and be involved with your kids. We provide a great environment at our gym which isn't always the case so please consider it.

Off the top of my head I can think of the following family members (Parents & Child) who train together at our gym-

Rex, James & Kingston Handy

George, Paris, Jorja & Illias Andriolas

Ash, Matty, Bella & Lizzy Cole

Joe & Toby Morello

George, Shantelle, Nacinta, Soane & Jaida Tuuholoaki

Travis & Dean Morvell

Rohan, Hamish & Trinity

Jacob & Reuben Trinne

Matt & Ryder Hall

Luke & Bodey Burnham

That is something I'm extremely proud of. So that's it for me, please think about jumping on the mats, what have you got to lose?

Cheers Coach

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Tom Cornwall
Tom Cornwall
30 juil. 2021

Congrats guys

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