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Thank You

So we are slowly but surely starting to come out of Lock Down for hopefully the last time, it has been challenging, different, and not fun....I don't think lol. In saying that I have learnt a lot from the experience and for that I am grateful.

One Thing I already knew, but has been cemented in me for ever now, is how good our Members are here at Mildura Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I can honestly tell you, from the bottom of my heart that without you we wouldn't be here right now. You guys that stuck with us, supported us financially when you didn't have to, you had your own issues going on. You never wavered once and I honestly cannot thank you enough, I cannot put into words what it means to me. Thank you.

This place is my dream, and to be honest I can't believe how much we have grown in such a short amount of time. I love leaving my day job and coming to the Gym, or doing online classes with you. People often say to me how do you do that, 7-4 in your day Job then gym after that haha. It has its challenges for sure, but this is what makes it worthwhile for me.

Seeing Tony who is 62 yrs young smash double session Boot camps.

Seeing Bron who is 59 smash Boot camps.

Seeing Chloe who almost spewed at her first 4 boots and could complete them, smashed it last night.

Seeing our regular dancing girl Nat bopping away in between sets lol.

Seeing Kristin go from the friend who looked to be dragged unwillingly to Boot camp, to being one of our most consistent trainers.

Seeing Simone who couldn't step up on our big tyre to now doing it easy.

Seeing Paris Choke out her husband who is twice her size.

Seeing Young Will picking up Adults Technique online with ease.

Seeing Bailey help out her brother Hayden do online classes.

Seeing young Kingston only miss one online class since Lock down, with the help of his Mum.

Seeing Makayla bring her two youngsters with meals prepared so they can watch while she trains.

Seeing Francis bring her Big lad Marcue in and train together. Also watch Francis punch the bag in rhythm with J-Lo's Lets get loud was hilarious.

Seeing brother & sister Jorja & Illias train together online.

I could go on and on trust me. The joy I get out of seeing you guys improve, even the slightest, makes it all worthwhile for me.

So thank you all from the bottom of my heart for supporting us in these tough times. Also thank you to Bodey & Kate who have helped me a lot with online classes, We couldn't have done it without you.

Cheers all, see you on the mats.


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