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Tis the Time

Hey Legends

Well we are only four sleeps away until Santa climbs down the chimney again and hopefully leaves you all the presents you wished for. This blog will be short and sweet.

Remember that this time of year is extremely tough for some, be generous. Some people may look fine, act fine, but on the inside they could be struggling for a Myriad of reasons. Short on money, no family around, no friends etc etc. It doesn't take much to say hello, to hold a door open, to not be so self indulged in your own life.

If you can donate to a charity that helps those less fortunate than us, a small amount can often go so far. But if you do donate, do me another favour, don't post it all over social media as it's not about you.

Spend some quality time with your families, as you never know what is around the corner. Be safe, Be loved and look out for my end of year blog.

Cheers Luke

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