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Wow July Already.

So we have just past the half way mark of 2020, what a strange year so far. We spent 3 months in lock down, some worse than others. We thought we were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel when the restrictions started to be eased. We got back into the gym, things slowly but surely started opening again and the future looked positive. Now we have what some people are calling a second wave or whatever you want to call, a spike is happening in Melbourne and it is really threatening our lively hoods, if another State wide lock-down happens I'm not sure a lot of businesses that survived the first one will survive the second. Its uncertain times that's for sure.

Family is super important at times like these, make sure you ask them if they are ok? Are they coping with everything going on around them. For me the First Lock-down was a blessing in ways, we had our eldest son and his Girlfriend come home and stay with us for 3 months, first time he has been here for that long since he was 16. We had a full house, dinner times lasted ages as we all sat around the table long after the meals were finished joking, talking and just enjoying each others company. While some people had less fortunate times in lock-down, we really were blessed.

What also happens in times like this is you find it extremely hard to find the motivation to get back to your old routine. Whether it was Gym, going for a Run or coming to our gym, it is super hard to get back into that me I know. BUT it is so important you push past that negativity and make it happen, don't take that easy option, make the hard decision to get yourself back into the groove. Physical activity has such great benefits for mental health, but also just picking you up if you are feeling flat. It releases endorphins that lift you up, boost your spirits and make life look much more positive.

Thank you for reading, Luke

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Jenelle Burnham
Jenelle Burnham
Jul 05, 2020

With you all the way Lukey!!

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